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서울대학교병원 소아외과 팀에서 수술했던 4세여아에서 있었던 우측 장골동맥류 (Right iliac arterial aneurysm)에 대한 수술 증례보고서가 대한외과학회지 (Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research)에 실렸던 내용입니다.

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장골동맥은 Common iliac artery에서 External iliac artery (외장골동맥)와 Internal iliac artery (내장골동맥)으로 나누어지고 외장골동맥은 하지의 Femoral artery (대퇴동맥)으로 연결되어야 하는데, 이 여아에서는 external iliac artery가 따로 있지 않고 collateral로 femoral artery가 이어지고 동맥류 (aneurysm, 동맥이 늘어나서 풍선처럼 커진것을 말하죠)로 커져 있는 모양새입니다.

증례보고에서는 CT와 동맥류의 모습을 도식화한 것과 수술 사진을 좀더 이해하기 쉽게 그린 일러스트로 구성되어 있습니다.

링크 : http://astr.or.kr/Synapse/Data/PDFData/6037ASTR/astr-91-265.pdf


Pediatric arterial aneurysm is rare disease. Among them, idiopathic-congenital arterial aneurysm is extremely rare. This is a case report of right common iliac artery idiopathic aneurysm with absence of right external iliac artery. A 4-year-old girl who had been complaining of intermittent abdominal pain since 2 years prior presented with a right lower abdominal mass that had been palpable since 6 months prior. Abdominal CT revealed a 5.2 cm × 4.5 cm × 5.1 cm, right-sided, partially thrombosed, saccular, iliac artery aneurysm. She underwent to operation, aneurismal resection. A pathological examination confirmed that it was a true aneurysm, considering that all layers of the vascular wall were stretched with no deficit. The patient was discharged 3 days after the surgery without any complication. Five months passed since the surgery, and the patient is doing well without any abdominal or leg pain.

Keywords: Aneurysm, Iliac aneurysm, Child, Vascular surgical procedure